Worldwide Cruise Vacations for People of All Ages

The cruise vacation is no longer the exclusive privilege of the 1%. Today, people of all ages and walks of life can enjoy a holiday at sea in a wide variety of countries, trip lengths, amenity classes, add-on activities, and much more! Let Beyond Trips with Tim show you how amazing, affordable, and versatile a cruise vacation can be, from a romantic getaway for just yourself and your significant other, or an unforgettable family vacation. Contact our office based in Lone Rock, WI, or request a quote online. 


If you’re thinking of cruising, there’s a very good chance you’re considering a Carnival cruise. A Carnival cruise vacation is all about fun at sea and on shore! On Carnival a ship, you’re invited to come as you are. The staff makes everyone feel right at home with comfy staterooms, delicious food, exciting nightlife, spectacular entertainment, activities for kids, and places to relax — all while you’re on your way to a different port and new adventure each day.

Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages specializes in holidays at sea for those 18 and over. Combining the luxury of a yacht with the diverse options of a larger ship, their Creative Collective designed an environment that inspires personal and experiential connection; spaces where the sea is always front and center. With elevated experiences curated with adults in mind, Virgin has created a place where only your Sailor’s inner child will be roaming free. They’ve ditched buffets and pre-set dining times to bring you fresh flavors and unexpected pairings with made-to-order food from 20+ unique eateries, all included. At Virgin Voyages, you won’t just take a cruise, you’ll explore the world in a whole new way, from longer stays and overnights at ports, to diverse entertainment and dining experiences. Plus, all of the voyages always include over $600 in extras, such as dining, WiFi, group fitness classes, tips, and essential drinks. Once you cruise with Virgin, you won’t want to sail any other way! 

Royal Caribbean

This is not a cruise - this is the best vacation value around! Only Royal Caribbean offers more activities, dining venues, entertainment options, and experiences, delivering more memories without tapping too deep into your wallet. Discover the world onboard 27 innovative ships sailing to more than 250 destinations across the globe. Experience an unforgettable family reunion, wedding, or simply a quick getaway with friends, all with the convenience of unpacking once and activities for all ages and interests. Get more adventures for your hard-earned vacation dollar, with the help ofBeyond Trips with Tim, and Royal Caribbean.


On Princess Cruise Lines, their world revolves around you. As you sail from one fabulous port to another, you’ll be the center of their universe. Their dedicated shipboard staff is there to attend to your every need. When you’re on board a cruise with Princess, you’re surrounded by warm, caring people dedicated to making each day a celebration. Warm smiles will greet you everywhere you go! For those times in your life that are special, they’ve created a collection of memorable celebration experiences to help you savor those moments for years and years to come.


Imagine cruising just the way you want it: with no schedule to follow but your own. That is what Norwegian Freestyle Cruising provides for all passengers, ships, and itineraries. Indulge your taste buds at one of their wide-ranging dining options or enjoy dinner and a show. Relax at some of the most spacious and modern staterooms in the cruise industry before venturing out to experience the shore excursion of your choice. That’s the Norwegian way, and you’ll love it! 

MSC - Your Northern Europe Cruise Awaits

Join MSC Cruises and venture to far-off lands, where tradition and history meet you on the horizon. Let the beauty and grandeur of Northern Europe ignite your desire for discovery as you discover quaint local culture and maritime traditions along extraordinary itineraries. Unpack once and awaken each day to the sights and sounds of a new, captivating city, where stunning shorelines await, and nature reveals all her splendor. Sail past enchanted castles, the endless glow of the midnight sun, and among some of the most fascinating cities in the world. From the cultural capitals of the Baltics to the awe-inspiring majesty of the Norwegian Fjords, a Northern Europe itinerary will awaken your inner explorer on MSC Cruises.


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